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Ulysses App Updates WordPress Publishing to Use WP REST API

Ulysses, a writing app for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, has released version 26. This is […]

How To Build Coupon Cards With WordPress Blocks

Last year, I designed several patterns for showcasing coupon codes on a site. They were […]

FSE Outreach #14: Building Recipe Posts With Lists and Quotes

Round #14 of the FSE Outreach program is now open to the public. Anne McCarthy, […]

WordPress Should Support Featured Images for Categories, Users, and More

One of the features that I have long wanted for WordPress has been on my […]

#25 – Joe Casabona on Why WordPress Is a Great Choice for Your Podcast

So on the podcast today we have Joe Casabona. Joe is a podcaster and educator, which makes him perfect for the discussion today, ‘Why WordPress Is a Great Choice...

The Image Filters Plugin Adds Over 20 Filters, Including Vintage, Pastel Pink, and More

Kevin Batdorf released the Image Filters plugin for WordPress yesterday. It is a block that […]