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Why we use WordFence and So do our Clients

Since 08:00 this morning our site has been under a brute force attack that is continuing as I write this. This attack is hapening even though we obsucure our login which supports the fact you should always have more than one security measure in place on your WordPress Website. This is why we use WORDFENCE.

Thanks to WordFence our site is secure and the only thing happening is that the Hackers are going through a lot of IP addresses.

WordFence allows us to automatically block an IP if you are using a User Name that does not exist.

So far they have used up 264 IP addresses and counting, Sooner or later they will give up.

If you haven’t installed WordFence we highly recommend there free version available from WordPress.Org or the link above.

Welcome to WordPress Support Services.

Welcome to  WordPress Support Services.

Webhosting 4 Business is proud to announce the launch of our new dedicated WordPress Support Services team.

As our business continues to grow along with the growth of our favourite CMS we have created a new division dedicated to maintaining, securing and improving clients WordPress sites.

You look after your Business.

We will look after your WordPress Website.

Webhosting 4 Business

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