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WordFence and why you should use it.

As you first start out with WordPress, Your biggest challenge is to get things to work the way you want and to give your websites a good look. In fact, getting things sleek, readable, and clickable is, understandably, one of the primary goals when setting up a WordPress website.


Security is usually at the bottom of the to-do list for many folks, which is a shame because finding a vulnerability and building an exploit kit is cheap and has an immense ROI in the dark web.
WordPress, which currently powers 28.5% of the top 10 million sites on the market, is big money for attacks. Security experts say more than 90K attacks target WordPress sites per minute, which is why WP Support Services recommends Wordfence to all our clients.


That doesn’t mean WordPress isn’t secure. It’s just the opposite. Their security team is at the top of the game, issuing fixes and patches not only on a regular basis. Some fixes have been released as fast as 40 minutes after the vulnerability had been discovered. But every code comes with vulnerabilities, and they tend to surface sooner or later. When that happens for WordPress, hell breaks loose for site owners.


The logistics and the motives behind a website hack are quite straightforward. It doesn’t matter if yours is a small blog or a large network of sites – everyone is a target. Forget the small fish mindset tricking you into thinking you can’t be a target.


A quick reality check shows that small blogs get hacked regularly only to become a part of a larger spamming, malware distribution or DDoS scheme, and end up banned by Google until the end of times.


The irony is that a regular website owner is oblivious to the fact until it’s too late.


Know better than to let security come as an afterthought for your WordPress sites.

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Wordfence and it’s set up is free with certain support plans from WP Support Services.

Why WordPress is the Best Option

Why WordPress is the Best Option for creating an Online Identity for your Business.

Initially released on the 27 May 2003, WordPress has turned out to be the most famous Content Management System (CMS) on the planet. Today, It is utilized by millions of websites that unleash new posts each and every second. Regardless of the measure of the web journal that is utilizing WordPress. This broadly utilized CMS has turned into the most loved CMS among organizations due to how effective of a tool it is. Exactly how effective is it? Look at the accompanying 7 reasons why your business should change to this CMS and you’ll see why.
1. It’s Free
Whether you’re a blogger or simply managing another online business website, this is the way that is 100 percent free. Best of all, as it’s 100% free you never need to stress over any concealed charges if your site turns out to be more prevalent than anticipated. On top of that, WordPress is open source software so you can enhance or change the source code to make the right site for your necessities.
2. Coordination
WordPress coordinates with probably the most capable stages accessible to give your business that extra support. Need to dispatch an email with a big bunch? You can utilize online tools like Aweber or MailChimp. Need to get paid for a product or service? WordPress will work with the most mainstream installment of E-Commerce software on the planet.
3. Multi-Client Capacity
There’s a decent probability that you’ll need to depend on numerous individuals to keep your site up and running. It knows about this and has made it simple for you to allocate various roles for various people. Here is a rundown of these specific control areas – “Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber”.
4. A Universal Platform
WordPress highlights a universal platform. The dashboard dependably has a striking resemblance – regardless of what you’re utilizing it for. You don’t have to contract specialists or invest energy attempting to make the best use of WordPress. Truth be told, anybody with some kind of general PHP, CSS and MySQL experience can utilize WordPress instantly.
5. WordPress Continues Showing Signs of Improvement.
Since WordPress procures only first-rate engineers, you can be sure that it is going to constantly be improved over the long haul. Additionally, in light of the fact that is open source, any designer, programmer or developer can upgrade the CMS so it can turn into the best CMS accessible.
6. Managing Becomes Easy
As said before, WordPress is well-versed with an implicit automatic updater for security purposes. Notwithstanding, it notifies you at whatever point there are upgrades for your themes and plugins. This makes dealing with your site incredibly simple since you’ll generally be able to cope with the latest updates and upgrades without assistance. This will keep your site protected, up to date and fresh.
7. Powerful Multimedia Features
The insertion of pictures, video or audio files is an incredible approach to upgrading the experience for your clients. Thankfully, WordPress makes it simple for you to embed images and audio files into any page or post you have created.

Why we use WordFence and So do our Clients

Since 08:00 this morning our site has been under a brute force attack that is continuing as I write this. This attack is hapening even though we obsucure our login which supports the fact you should always have more than one security measure in place on your WordPress Website. This is why we use WORDFENCE.

Thanks to WordFence our site is secure and the only thing happening is that the Hackers are going through a lot of IP addresses.

WordFence allows us to automatically block an IP if you are using a User Name that does not exist.

So far they have used up 264 IP addresses and counting, Sooner or later they will give up.

If you haven’t installed WordFence we highly recommend there free version available from WordPress.Org or the link above.

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WordPress 4.6 beta two available for testing

Last week, WordPress 4.6 beta two was made available for testing.

The release update won’t be available till August 16th. Until then, you’ll be able to a take a look at a website, by downloading the beta to a test site and begin fooling around.

The team is also searching for everyone’s feedback before the release, therefore check that you browse and take a look at everything. For those that don’t wish to download the beta, there’s plenty to be excited concerning the next release.

Here are some of our favourite options in 4.6.

Shiny Updates

Shiny Updates are unbelievably exciting as they allow for much simpler updating and downloading. Once you wish to update, merely hit the button and you’re done. It eliminates the page redirect and pop-ups and makes everything easier and very straight-forward.

Native Fonts In Admin

In 3.8, the native font was modified to Open Sans. This wasn’t everyone’s favorite choice for several reasons together with that it had to be loaded from Google Fonts. 4.6 removes this issue by utilising it’s own fonts.

Improvements To Editor

The editor itself got a refresh with a much improved disaster recovery mode. Currently, the save method seldom detects once a save has been unsuccessful, resulting in the loss of your info. The update now shows a “There could be a newer autosave” message therefore you’re positive you’re writing the right post.

4.6 also will also acknowledge when URL’s are broken as you’re writing them.

Don’t worry there also are plenty of updates for the Devs.

HTTP Requests

There is currently a brand new library availble for PHP markup language requests. It will support parallel requests where you can only create one at a time.

This patch can save you a lot of time.

Pre-instantiated Widgets Registration

As of 2.8, the method for widgets wasn’t straightforward. in line with the announcement, “Since WP_Widget was introduced in 2.8 the register_widget() and unregister_widget() functions needed the class name (string) of a WP_Widget subclass to be provided.”

That method is modified in 4.6. because the announcement says:

Widgets will currently be instantiated and registered with constructor dependency injection.
New widget varieties can now be added dynamically, like adding a Recent Posts widget for every post type, per #35990.
Customizer arthropod genus

One of the most recent additions is Customizer apis that are for setting validation and notifications. in line with the announcement.

All changed settings are valid up-front before any of them are saved.
If any setting is invalid, the Customizer save request is rejected: a save therefore becomes transactional with all the settings left dirty to try saving once more. (The Customizer transactions proposal is closely associated with setting validation here.)
Validation error messages are shown to the user, prompting them to repair their mistake and try once more.
A new WordPress update is often exciting. Take a look at out the beta and send some feedback to create it the most efficient release one yet.
Make sure you check that you update on August 16th.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Weekend Working

There is one down side to being the boss, no matter how much we love what we do.
This is one of those weekends when I already know (sitting here at 02:50) that I will spend the whole weekend working.
Why, because our clients websites are needed Monday to Friday, if your going to do an update to a new site it has to be done when
it’s OK with the client and all the forward planing in the world won’t help.
Murphy and his law of probabilities is going to join the party just for the fun of it.

Well here is to Monday morning and a happy client.


Managed WordPress vs Linux Cloud Server

Managed WordPress vs Linux Cloud Server

When Webhosting 4 Business was created we set up our Linux system to be specifically suited to hosting WordPress CMS websites, because we Love WordPress. We knew we had created a solid base for our customers to utilise the CMS to it’s optimum performance level while maintaining all of the benefits of a standard Linux set up. The proof of succeeding in our goal was in the load speed of our clients websites, which is now 20% of your Google score.

We always assumed that a Managed WordPress hosting solution was going to be quicker than ours at loading a WordPress site but that the small loss of speed outweighed the advantage of our clients having full Cpanel control and no Limitations on what software they could and couldn’t run. (subject to our Google Clause*)

We recently ran a test comparing a site hosted on a top 10 Managed WordPress Host vs a site hosted on our Linux Cloud Server that has been designed and set up specifically for WordPress while maintaining all the functionality and freedom of a Cpanel server space.

To be honest we were expecting to get our face wiped in the dirt, then something unexpected happened.

We Won. Not only did we win on speed but we actually wiped there face in regards to compliance and Performance Grade.

For the test we randomly chose a client from there displayed list and the client from our client list with the largest Home page. We then ran a speed test on pingdomwithin 10 seconds of each other at 11:30 PM so as to ensure a light internet load. Both sites were tested from Stockholm, Sweden.

The Managed WordPress Host:


Our Linux custom solution:


They say a Picture is worth a 1000 words.

Webhosting 4 Business and 4 WP Support Services are Proud to be able to say that our custom Linux cloud hosting solution really is the best place for WordPress Based Website.