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Last week, WordPress 4.6 beta two was made available for testing.

The release update won’t be available till August 16th. Until then, you’ll be able to a take a look at a website, by downloading the beta to a test site and begin fooling around.

The team is also searching for everyone’s feedback before the release, therefore check that you browse and take a look at everything. For those that don’t wish to download the beta, there’s plenty to be excited concerning the next release.

Here are some of our favourite options in 4.6.

Shiny Updates

Shiny Updates are unbelievably exciting as they allow for much simpler updating and downloading. Once you wish to update, merely hit the button and you’re done. It eliminates the page redirect and pop-ups and makes everything easier and very straight-forward.

Native Fonts In Admin

In 3.8, the native font was modified to Open Sans. This wasn’t everyone’s favorite choice for several reasons together with that it had to be loaded from Google Fonts. 4.6 removes this issue by utilising it’s own fonts.

Improvements To Editor

The editor itself got a refresh with a much improved disaster recovery mode. Currently, the save method seldom detects once a save has been unsuccessful, resulting in the loss of your info. The update now shows a “There could be a newer autosave” message therefore you’re positive you’re writing the right post.

4.6 also will also acknowledge when URL’s are broken as you’re writing them.

Don’t worry there also are plenty of updates for the Devs.

HTTP Requests

There is currently a brand new library availble for PHP markup language requests. It will support parallel requests where you can only create one at a time.

This patch can save you a lot of time.

Pre-instantiated Widgets Registration

As of 2.8, the method for widgets wasn’t straightforward. in line with the announcement, “Since WP_Widget was introduced in 2.8 the register_widget() and unregister_widget() functions needed the class name (string) of a WP_Widget subclass to be provided.”

That method is modified in 4.6. because the announcement says:

Widgets will currently be instantiated and registered with constructor dependency injection.
New widget varieties can now be added dynamically, like adding a Recent Posts widget for every post type, per #35990.
Customizer arthropod genus

One of the most recent additions is Customizer apis that are for setting validation and notifications. in line with the announcement.

All changed settings are valid up-front before any of them are saved.
If any setting is invalid, the Customizer save request is rejected: a save therefore becomes transactional with all the settings left dirty to try saving once more. (The Customizer transactions proposal is closely associated with setting validation here.)
Validation error messages are shown to the user, prompting them to repair their mistake and try once more.
A new WordPress update is often exciting. Take a look at out the beta and send some feedback to create it the most efficient release one yet.
Make sure you check that you update on August 16th.

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