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Wordfence and why you should use it.

As you first start out with WordPress, Your biggest challenge is to get things to work the way you want and to give your websites a good look. In fact, getting things sleek, readable, and clickable is, understandably, one of the primary goals when setting up a WordPress website.


Security is usually at the bottom of the to-do list for many folks, which is a shame because finding a vulnerability and building an exploit kit is cheap and has an immense ROI in the dark web.
WordPress, which currently powers 28.5% of the top 10 million sites on the market, is big money for attacks. Security experts say more than 90K attacks target WordPress sites per minute, which is why WP Support Services recommends Wordfence to all our clients.


That doesn’t mean WordPress isn’t secure. It’s just the opposite. Their security team is at the top of the game, issuing fixes and patches not only on a regular basis. Some fixes have been released as fast as 40 minutes after the vulnerability had been discovered. But every code comes with vulnerabilities, and they tend to surface sooner or later. When that happens for WordPress, hell breaks loose for site owners.


The logistics and the motives behind a website hack are quite straightforward. It doesn’t matter if yours is a small blog or a large network of sites – everyone is a target. Forget the small fish mindset tricking you into thinking you can’t be a target.


A quick reality check shows that small blogs get hacked regularly only to become a part of a larger spamming, malware distribution or DDoS scheme, and end up banned by Google until the end of times.


The irony is that a regular website owner is oblivious to the fact until it’s too late.


Know better than to let security come as an afterthought for your WordPress sites.

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Wordfence and it’s set up is free with certain support plans from WP Support Services.

What would you do if your WordPress website was broken. An Update Issue, a Broken plugin, a 501 Error or Worse, you've been Hacked. How long will it take your business to recover? A few hours, A few days, A week? Don't Let it be Your Business. Our WordPress Support Service provides You with Peace of Mind.