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Course: A New Free Block Theme Compatible with Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS, Automattic’s teaching and learning management plugin, has released a new free block theme called Course. In February 2022, version 4.0 of the plugin introduced support for full-site editing with its bundled “Learning Mode” theme. Course features a new bold design made to be customized in the Site Editor.

Although Sensei works with neaerly any WordPress theme, the plugin looks its best with themes designed specifically for Sensei compatibility. Course includes styles for Sensei functionality to perfectly display course lists, sales pages, and the “Learning Mode” course templates. It integrates with the free Sensei LMS plugin as well as the pro version. Sensei’s new Course List block will also inherit all the theme’s styles seamlessly.

If green is not your jam, Course includes four style variations suitable as a starting point with blue, dark, and gold as the accent colors and multiple font combinations.

In addition to the various styles, Course brings all the power of the Site Editor for customizing for Sensei templates, as seen in the Lesson template below.

Although Course is ideal for website owners who are selling courses, the theme is also flexible to be used without Sensei for other purposes like blogging, coaching, and small businesses. Course isn’t easy to find if you’re hunting for block themes, as it doesn’t seem to be tagged as a block theme on It’s free to download in the official Themes Directory or via the Sensei LMS website.