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WooCommerce Blocks 9.1.0 Introduces Products Block in Beta

WooCommerce Blocks version 9.10 was released today, hitting a major milestone for the development of its new Products Block. The plugin serves as a place to iterate and test new blocks, and this release introduces the new Product Query-powered Products block in beta.

In this first iteration, users can arrange products by popular presets and control the layout in the list/grid.

The new Products block is based on the core Query Loop block. WooCommerce Blocks contributors are aiming to replace all of the plugin’s current product-displaying blocks with this one.

“This new block should be flexible enough to reproduce all of the use-cases currently covered by existing blocks (e.g. showing all products, showing only new products, or products on sale, etc.), while also being filterable via dedicated filter blocks and compatible with FSE templates (i.e. it should replace the placeholders we currently use in archive templates),” Automattic-sponsored WooCommerce contributor Marco Lucio Giannotta said in the ticket proposing the new Products block.

The first iteration still requires some polishing but it’s meeting the basic objectives for allowing users to display and customize products using the new query-based block.

Version 9.1.0 also unveils three new “product-adjacent” patterns. These are patterns that don’t use WooCommerce store data but rather focus on presentation. They include the following patterns:

  • “WooCommerce Alternating Image and Text” block pattern. (7827)
  • “WooCommerce Product Hero 2 Column 2 Row” block pattern. (7814)
  • “Just Arrived Full Hero”  block pattern (7812)

WooCommerce Blocks contributors are also working on patterns that connect to store data and will be releasing new patterns soon. Other notable additions in this release include support for the alignment setting in the Add to Cart Button and Product Rating elements.