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WPTavern: WPWeekly Episode 266 – Clef Is Shutting Down, Configuring User Avatars, and WPCampus 2017

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WPTavern: WPWeekly Episode 266 – Clef Is Shutting Down, Configuring User Avatars, and WPCampus 2017

In this episode, Marcus Couch and I discuss the stories that are making headlines including, Clef shutting down, WordPress 4.7.3, and’s new add-on for Chrome. I shared two lessons I recently learned from managing a site that has open registration and uses BuddyPress. We also share details of WPCampus 2017.

Stories Discussed:

WordPress 4.7.3 Patches Six Security Vulnerabilities, Immediate Update Advised
Clef is Shutting Down June 6th Releases Chrome Add-On for Google Docs
Freemius Launches Insights for WordPress Themes
Configuring a User Avatar in WordPress Is Not as Easy as It Should Be
BuddyPress Core Contributors Working on a Way to Safely Edit a Group’s Permalink
WPCampus 2017 to Take Place July 14-15 in Buffalo, NY

What’s on

WordPress Community Interview With Jenny Beaumont

Jenny Beaumont is a multicultural, multidisciplinary maker and writer of things. She is a leader of people and of projects, who values communication above all else as a means to successful collaboration. Jenny and Paolo Belcastro, are the co-organizers of WordCamp Europe. She is the team lead of the local WordPress Community.

Rob Ruiz: Admin Experience – The New UX

This presentation is part of WordCamp Omaha 2016. Too often, User Experience is only considered on the front-end of a WordPress site design. Although that is very important, too many WP Designers/Developers stop there. This video goes over tricks and methods to make updating and administrating WordPress sites much more user-friendly for the admin/site-owner/client.

Chris Klosowski: Democratizing Inspiration

This presentation is part of WordCamp Phoenix 2016. All businesses and stories start as an idea. WordPress is a democratized platform for that inspiration, where ideas are empowered to evolve into meaningful products and stories that shape and create the world we want.

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

WP Clone Menu enables you to clone menus using existing menus.

WordPress List Images to Optimize gives users an idea of which ones need to be optimized or re-uploaded.

WP Raffle fully automates an online raffle. Simply install, start the appropriate raffle and prizes, and this plugin does the rest; picking the winners at the designated raffle draw date.

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Wednesday, March 15th 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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