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WPTavern: WPShout Updates and Acquires

By 22/06/2017October 24th, 2017No Comments

WPTavern: WPShout Updates and Acquires is a WordPress resource created by Rami Abraham in 2013. The site is an interactive version of Michelle Schulp’s colorful diagram of WordPress’ template hierarchy. Each template is linked to documentation that explains its function.

Over the years, WordPress’ template hierarchy has changed. For instance, paged.php no longer comes after archive.php. The site however, hasn’t kept up with the changes.

In an effort to keep the site going, updated, and maintained, WPShout has acquired the domain from Abraham for an undisclosed amount. The team fixed the most of the obvious issues and the site is once again a valuable resource for visualizing the template hierarchy.

David Hayes, of WPShout, says they’re working on collaborating with Schulp to visualize and better explain how Custom Templates can be applied to all post types.

If you’d like to report an error or want to contribute, you can do so via the project’s Github page.

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