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WPTavern: WP Site Care Acquires WP Radius

WPTavern: WP Site Care Acquires WP Radius

WP Site Care, a WordPress management and maintenance service provider has acquired WP Radius. Ryan Sullivan, Founder of WP Site Care, says the acquisition has been in the works for some time.

“We’ve been working toward growing our customer base and learning about new business models in the WordPress support space for quite some time, and the WP Radius acquisition allows us to accomplish both of those goals,” he said.

The move increases WP Site Care’s customer base by 20% and will allow it to experiment with an unlimited jobs model, something that set WP Radius apart.

“We’ve been very interested in the unlimited jobs model and what that really means from an operations standpoint for quite some time, and whether or not it’s actually better for customers, so this move will allow us to learn a lot more about how that all plays out in the real world,” Sullivan said.

WP Radius will continue to operate as a separate entity and will eventually be consolidated into the WP Site Care brand.

WP Radius was founded in 2015 by Todd Schwartzfarb and Brandon Yanofsky. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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