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WPTavern: Pods 2.7 Beta Introduces Flexible Relationships, Rewrites Fields in JavaScript

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WPTavern: Pods 2.7 Beta Introduces Flexible Relationships, Rewrites Fields in JavaScript

Pods Framework has released two new versions. Pods 2.6.9 is a maintenance release that includes bug fixes for Pods Templates, Auto Templates, and Pods Shortcodes. Meanwhile, Pods 2.7 beta 1 introduces a new feature called Flexible Relationships.

Flexible Relationships uses WordPress’ media modal that allows users to add or edit records from within the parent record of a relationship. This feature will work on existing relationships once users upgrade to 2.7. Watch the following video to see Flexible Relationships in action.

In addition to providing Flexible Relationships, the fields were rewritten in JavaScript by Phil Lewis, Contributing Developer to Pods Framework.

“Phil Lewis of our team rewrote our file upload and relationship fields in what we’re calling Dynamic Field Views which will allow us to convert all of our field types to be JavaScript powered,” Scott Kingsley Clark, lead developer of Pods Framework said.

“The JavaScripts frameworks behind it are Marionette + Backbone. We wrote it with React in mind so we can convert it over whenever React.js is included in core and things settle there”

The development team is asking for as many users as possible to test Flexible Relationships on a staging or testing site so issues can be addressed before its release, tentatively scheduled for the middle of July. Those interested in testing can download the beta from Pods’ GitHub repository.

Testers are encouraged to download the GitHub Updater plugin, created by Andy Fragen, as it makes it easier to download updates from GitHub. If you participate in the testing process, be sure to add ‘2.7’ to any feature, enhancement requests, or bugs that you find when creating a new issue.

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