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WPTavern: Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts in WordPress With Social Media Suite

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WPTavern: Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts in WordPress With Social Media Suite

Managing social media accounts across multiple networks can be a cumbersome task. Social Media Suite by Tina Todorovic and Dejan Markovic, based in Toronto, Canada, aims to make managing those accounts a breeze.

At its core, Social Media Suite is a social media marketing management platform. To use it, you’ll first have to install the Social Media Suite connector Plugin to connect your site to the service.

Once activated, click the Go to Control Panel button which loads Social Web Suite’s control panel where you can connect social media accounts.

I highly recommend that you open the control panel in a new browser tab as opening it in the same browser tab makes it difficult to browse back to the WordPress backend.

Through Social Web Suite, users can publish or schedule Tweets and other messages across social networks such as Facebook. After connecting my Twitter account, I was able to publish a Tweet from the site’s interface.

Social Media Suite Twitter Interface

Social Web Suite includes a number of sharing options. You can configure whether or not to share posts, pages, or both, how many times they can be shared, if the featured image is displayed, and if content is shared at the same time it’s published.

Other configuration options include, message formatting, hashtag support, which categories to include or exclude, and the ability to exclude specific pages or posts.

To see how well messages are performing, Social Web Suite offers an analytics dashboard that displays a similar set of statistics provided by Twitter. This allows you to quickly see which messages are having the most impact.

Social Media Suite Analytics Dashboard

As far as privacy is concerned, Social Media Suite stores marketing management content on its servers and will not ask users for their login information. The service is currently in Beta and is available by invitation only. I tested Social Media Suite on WordPress 4.7.4 and didn’t encounter any issues. If you’re looking for a service to manage your social media marketing strategy, consider giving Social Media Suite a try.

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