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WPTavern: An Update to My Gutenberg Experience

Not long after I published my experience with Gutenberg, developers reached out to me to work on some of the issues I mentioned. Riad Benguella figured out why meta boxes were not collapsing or expanding.

It turns out that some meta boxes depend on the post script which has a side effect of calling the window.postboxes.add_postbox_toggles( postType ) twice, causing meta boxes to break.

Gutenberg 2.6 released earlier this week, fixes the issue and all meta boxes function properly again. This also fixes the issue I had with the Telegram for WordPress plugin.

Public Post Preview still doesn’t work in Gutenberg but the plugin’s developer, Dominik Schilling, shared some experiments he has conducted with adding support for Gutenberg on Twitter.

In the preview video, you can see Public Post Preview’s options added to the sidebar and in addition to generating a link, you can choose when that URL expires which is better than what’s currently available in the plugin.

I mentioned how Tags would sometimes disappear and there overall behavior was inconsistent. This pull request that made it into Gutenberg 2.6, fixes the issue by only including the term in the Tag selector if it’s known.

Although I’m still bummed that certain plugins are not yet compatible with Gutenberg, I’m pretty happy that two of the major pain points I experienced have been fixed. Thanks to Riad, Tammie Lister, and others for helping to solve these problems so quickly.

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