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WPTavern: AMP for WordPress 0.7 RC 1 Released

WPTavern: AMP for WordPress 0.7 RC 1 Released

XWP, Automattic, and Google’s AMP team, has released 0.7 Release Candidate 1 of the AMP for WordPress plugin. Hinted at during AMP Conf 2018 earlier this year, 0.7 is a major release that contains significant new features.

This release adds Native AMP support for all of the default widgets, embeds, and commenting. Notifications will be triggered for posts that contain content with validation errors or if you use a theme or plugin that adds invalid AMP markup.

While earlier versions of AMP displayed content in a way that was different from a site’s theme, 0.7 creates a native experience. For example, if you visit the AMP Conf WordPress Theme Demo site on an iPhone 7, the site looks exactly the same. As you can see in the image below, you can’t tell it’s running AMP.

AMP Conf Demo Theme

Before 0.7 is officially released, the development team is asking for users to put 0.7 RC 1 through its paces and report issues on the project’s GitHub page. You can download the pre-release version here.

For more information on the AMP project, listen to episode 309 of WordPress Weekly where I interviewed Alberto Medina, Developer Advocate working with the Web Content Ecosystems Team at Google, and Weston Ruter, CTO of XWP. In this interview, we covered why the project was created, its future, and its potential impacts on the Open Web.

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