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WPTavern: A Fix for WordPress Weekly Subscribers Using Pocket Casts

By 01/08/2017October 24th, 2017No Comments

WPTavern: A Fix for WordPress Weekly Subscribers Using Pocket Casts

Last week, you may have noticed that the Tavern was intermittently offline and generating errors. We’ve been experiencing technical issues for the past several months but they peaked last week. After working with Bluehost, they migrated the site from a VPS, to a Dedicated Server that has more powerful hardware.

Since the migration, we’ve noticed the site is more responsive, loads quicker, and doesn’t generate any errors. If you see an error or experience problems accessing the site, please report them to us on Twitter.

Last month, a number of WordPress Weekly listeners reported that they were unable to access recent episodes through Apple’s Podcasting app, Stitcher, and other applications. After reconverting the MP3s and getting them to work on Apple’s Podcasting app, I continued to receive reports from Pocket Casts subscribers that the files were not available.

After confirming the issue, I reconverted the MP3s three times with different conversion software. I also used tools to diagnose and confirm that the files were not corrupted. Despite my efforts, Pocket Casts continued to encounter problems accessing the files.

I was running out of options until Josh Eby reported that, deleting the app from his device, reinstalling it, and re-syncing his library fixed the problem.

I followed his advice and indeed, recent episodes of WordPress Weekly are available again in Pocket Casts. If you’re subscribed to the show using Pocket Casts and can not access episodes 280-282, please consider going through the steps listed above.

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