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WP Feature Notifications Contributors Seek Feedback on Admin Notices with Community Survey

The WP Feature Notifications project has launched a community survey to get feedback on the current system of notices in the WordPress admin. The project aims to create a better way to manage and deliver notifications in the admin, and the survey is intended to further refine this work.

A few months ago, the project released version 0.2.0 of the feature plugin in which contributors implemented a more robust JavaScript-based system for standardizing how notifications appear in the admin. This is a proof of concept plugin that uses demo data only. They are working towards an MVP for 0.3.0, which will remove the demo content and provide a functional notification system. Contributors have also put together an updated design based on the idea of working within WordPress’ existing design system.

“The team has recently made some solid progress on things like database storage and REST API endpoints,” WordPress core contributor Joe Bailey-Roberts said. “However this is slightly paused for now so we can revise things if necessary, based on the survey results. We also have an updated design for the admin notices UI that we’ll shortly be showcasing, which came out of the WCEU Contributor Day.”

Anyone who uses WordPress is welcome to take the survey – it’s for developers and users alike. It takes just a few minutes and may help shape the direction of the WP Feature Notifications project in the future.