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WordPress Publishes 6.3 Release Video and Landing Page Demo

WordPress 6.3 “Lionel” was released earlier this week with an overview video that offers a beautiful, dizzying demo of the many new features packed into this update. It’s a two-minute guided tour of WordPress’ greatly expanded customization features, streamlined Site Editor interface, pattern creation and management, and the new Command Palette in action.

For the first time, the release marketing also includes a new web experience that showcases the features in 6.3 through a visual tour. It is essentially a release landing page with a beautiful dark mode style design and includes video demos for each major new feature. This visual resource is especially helpful for users who may have a difficult time getting a handle on a release that is so packed with updates. It’s also a resource that lasts long after all the Twitter buzz and other marketing has died down.

During the past few release cycles, WordPress contributors have stepped up the product demos to help make the world aware of all the new capabilities landing in these updates. WordPress 6.3 Editor Triage co-lead Anne McCarthy, who co-hosted the 6.3 live product demo with fellow contributor Rich Tabor, gave a glimpse behind the scenes at the immense amount of effort and attention to detail and design that goes into these official project demos.

As WordPress is expanding these resources and improving its marketing, McCarthy extended an invitation to any contributors who are able to follow a release in depth, understand the overarching vision, connect the dots on all the details, and artfully present them to the public. This is a somewhat rare combination of skills but a contribution opportunity with a high level of impact. Anyone interested can get in touch with McCarthy, who said she wants to enable others to take this on in the future “to ensure a diverse set of folks can step into the spotlight.”