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WordPress 6.2 RC 1 Released and Ready for Testing

WordPress 6.2 RC 1 was released today, marking the hard string freeze and readiness for translation ahead of the official release on March 28. There are three weeks remaining for testing.

WordPress contributors published the 6.2 Field Guide, which includes the dev notes – technical updates for many of the new features and changes included in this release. These include editor component updates, notes on new and expanded APIs, accessibility updates, and more.

Plugin and theme developers are advised to test their extensions for compatibility and update the “Tested up to”  version in their readme files to 6.2. (A separate testing guide is available for those who are testing the changes in this release.)

A bug that was introduced in 6.2 Beta 1, which showed a white screen when using the browser’s back button inside the Site Editor, was fixed earlier this week in the 6.2 Beta 5 release. This is a major issue that would likely affect millions of users, and it underscores the fact that testing at this phase is still important. Bugs can be reported via the Alpha/Beta area in the support forums or by filing a bug report on WordPress Trac.