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WooCommerce 7.5.0 Introduces 3 New Blocks, Expands Support for Global Styles

WooCommerce 7.5.0 was released this week with three new blocks for the Product Archive templates. These include a new Store Breadcrumb block, Product Results Count block, and a Catalog Sorting block, all seen in action below.

image credit: WooCommerce 7.5.0 Release Post

These blocks were released as part of an effort to “blockify” Product Archive templates so that they can more easily be customized with a block experience.

“We also want to account for the extensibility within this project by researching the mechanism for extensions to extend the templates and implementing a compatibility layer to keep as many extensions as possible working with blockified templates while giving time for extension developers to update and blockify their extensions,” WooCommerce engineer Tung Du said.

This project also includes support for a Notices block so merchants can display store notices to customers as well as determine where they appear.

WooCommerce 7.5.0 has expanded support for Global Styles, so that the Product Button, Product Rating, and Product Price blocks can now be customized more easily in the Site Editor. The Product Rating block now supports padding controls in Global Styles so that store owners can add more spacing around the blocks.

This release also brings in expanded support for the Style Book, which has been available since the WooCommerce Blocks 9.5.0 release. The Featured Product and Featured Category blocks can now be previewed in the Style Book and have Global Style changes applied.

WooCommerce 7.5.0 includes two database updates, 278 commits to WooCommerce Core, and rolls in 170 commits from the WooCommerce Blocks plugin.