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Setting up a WordPress Install Securely

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When you first install WordPress the Install Script lets you choose a user name and password.

The default for the user name is “Admin” make sure you never use this as every hacker over 11 knows about it.

Choose a user name that is unique and simple for this first user and a password. Now login and create a second Administrator Account. This is the Account you want a Unique user name that means something to you but we hard to guess. ” I like to use joke punch lines mixed in with something relevant to me on that particular site ” Now choose a Password, either use the WordPress #password creator or one of the numerous on line random password creators likePassword Generator

What Makes A Random Password Safe?Wordpress support services security

  • It must be no less than 8 characters in length.
  • It must not contain effectively speculated data such as the start date, a telephone number, your companion’s name, the pet’s name, your child’s name, your FB or Twitter login name, and so on.
  • It shouldn’t contain words found in the directory.
  • It ought to contain extraordinary characters, for example, @#$%^& and/or numbers.
  • It should use a variety of upper and lower case letters.

Now once you have your second Administrator all set up and secure logout of your site and login with the second administrator details and Delete the original Admin details from the Install.

This removes user one and means a potential hacker cannot attempt to scan your site for the id: 1 user name as it does not exist.

This simple easy trick at the Install stage can save your WordPress website a whole lot of heartache.

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