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Post Status: Introducing a new way to find high quality WordPress jobs

By 20/04/2017October 24th, 2017No Comments

Post Status: Introducing a new way to find high quality WordPress jobs

It’s my pleasure to formally introduce the Post Status WordPress job board. It actually went live two weeks ago, but I wanted to give it time to work out any kinks before broadly promoting it.

Now, I think we’re ready for prime time. So, why do we need another place to list WordPress jobs?

The signal to noise ratio — both for employers seeking qualified candidates, and for candidates finding quality job listings — is pretty low across the board in the job market. Most people who hire technical professionals will tell you that it’s very difficult to find good candidates. And anyone seeking great job opportunities knows how hard it can be to find out the best opportunities, especially at the times you’re actually looking.

The goal for the Post Status WordPress job board is to take advantage of both sides of this equation.

Post Status isn’t a huge website with tons of traffic. But the traffic I do get is from a highly targeted audience of primarily WordPress professionals, or web professionals who use WordPress as a primary tool.

By creating a highly targeted job board, I’m able to increase the signal on both sides; employers can get quality applications, and applicants can find quality employers.

Furthermore, our team — meaning Katie Richards, and myself — go through each employer’s listing to confirm that it’s a qualified listing of someone actually hiring, provides relevant information, and is properly described for the available position.

We’ve already got 20+ jobs and counting, and I know many of them have had applications start to roll in, even without public announcement yet.

If you’d like to submit a job, the process is currently only for Post Status members. We may open that up in the coming weeks, but for now, you can join and post, or if someone from your organization is a member, they can post it.

Listings last for 45 days (the first listings are being extended out starting today), and will be marketed to the Post Status Club — now over 900 WordPress professionals — as well as the free Post Status newsletter, where we’ll send digests of new jobs.

In the future, we may create new features for job seekers to keep an even closer eye on available jobs, but for now, the email and listing page are the place to go. And we may build new tools for employers as we get feedback and see demand for them.

I look forward to this being a valuable resource for the WordPress community. We’re dedicated to making it work well for a long haul, and we expect general activity to increase as the word gets out that it’s there.

So, if you don’t mind, we’d love your help to promote this job board, both now and when you hear of companies hiring and people seeking positions. It is a truly great feeling to know that you helped someone find their next workplace.

So, check out some WordPress jobs!

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