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Online Meetup: WordPress NYC to Host Series on Modern, Privacy-Respecting Analytics and Leveraging First-Party Data

One of the positive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is local meetups are more frequently broadcasting their events online, giving people outside the immediate area the opportunity to attend and learn new skills. Searching for WordPress, filtered to show Online Events, will show upcoming events that anyone can attend.

WordPress NYC is hosting an interesting new six-part series on analytics beginning this week on Thursday, May 19, at 7PM EDT. Co-organizer Victor Ramirez will kick it off with a workshop titled “The Product & Marketing Data Landscape.” Attendees will get an overview of  the current WordPress analytics landscape. Subsequent events will cover how to make a tracking plan, how to migrate to open source tracking options (while respecting privacy), and how to leverage WordPress data to improve user experiences.

Ramirez is the lead product analytics engineer at The Knot Worldwide and also runs a WordPress agency on the side.

“I was inspired because product analytics has been my job for two years,” Ramirez said. “It’s one of the hottest roles in technology everywhere except WordPress.”

During the workshop he plans to demonstrate the benefits of using Rudderstack, an open source customer data pipeline tool, and Avo workbench, a data governance platform, comparing those to private enterprise options. The schedule for the series includes weekly presentations through June 23:

The series will introduce attendees to the concept of collecting first-party data (as opposed to third-party data) and learn how to create better, privacy-respecting experiences for consumers, instead of “targeting” them with unwanted messages.

 If you’re using WordPress for a product or service, this workshop may give you a new way to think about consumer data collection for your business. The event is free and the link to attend online will be visible for those who sign up to attend.