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Navigating the Nexus: A Chronicle of Recent WordPress Acquisitions

Over the past four months, some exciting developments have been bustling in the dynamic mergers and acquisitions arena of WordPress. To catch everyone up let’s grab a beverage of choice and take a stroll down the calendar of memories.

In the last four months, the WordPress mergers and acquisitions scene has been more buzzing than a bee at a flower convention. So, why don’t we all grab our preferred sips – be it coffee, tea, or something a bit more sparkly – and meander down memory lane? Think of it as a casual promenade through the garden of digital deal-making, where every turn reveals another plot twist in our ongoing tech saga.

Most recently, on February 15th, OptinMonster announced its acquisition of Beacon Lead Magnet Creator. Per the press release from OptinMonster “Beacon makes it easy for anyone to create and deliver professional lead magnets, without needing a writer, graphic designer or developer.” This move adds another layer to OptinMonster’s robust toolkit, reinforcing its position as a go-to resource for businesses seeking to optimize their lead-generation strategies. Additionally, the founders of, brothers Kevin & Eion McGrath will be moving on to other ventures. 

Stepping back two weeks lands us on the date of January 28th when Andrew Wilder at shared the news that they acquired the Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions Plugin. As Andrew states. “It’s a tool we’ve long relied on — installing it on all our clients’ sites….and less than a day after releasing our first update (patching minor security vulnerabilities), the plugin has already been downloaded nearly 23,000 times”.

Rolling back the calendar yet another seven weeks we see the calendar shows the date of December 6, 2023, and we once again hear from Andrew Wilder of This time the news is a bit more celebratory as it’s about their first acquisition ever! They acquired the social media sharing plugin Grow Social from Mediavine. Part of the agreement in the acquisition was to rename the plugin to clear up any confusion between Mediavines properties “Grow Social” and “Grow”, which they have by rebranding the plugin Hubbub. Kudos to Andrew and NerdPress for consistently expanding their offerings and enriching the WordPress community.

Finally, our trip down memory lane comes to a stop two months earlier on Oct 5, 2023, when Jamie Madden announced on X/Twitter that his plugin License Server plugin was acquired by @peter_4sure via acquiredotcom

As the WordPress world keeps spinning on its axis of innovation, it seems our beloved industry is playing matchmaker, setting up mergers and acquisitions like they’re going out of style. It’s like watching a rom-com where everyone ends up happily ever after, except here, the happy couples are plugins, platforms, and services tying the knot. So, raise your virtual glasses to the lovebirds… here’s to them finding their soulmates in the vast sea of code and content. May these digital unions spark a renaissance in our WordPress universe, bringing us new features, faster sites, and maybe, just maybe, fewer “Error establishing a database connection”