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Jetpack Launches New Licensing Portal for Agencies

Jetpack is finally formalizing its approach to agency licensing with a new portal launched this week. The program is aimed at streamlining product setup and account billing records for agencies and professionals who use Jetpack on client projects.

The dashboard shows partners their total licenses and costs at a glance. It also allows agencies to monitor clients’ backups, scans, and activity logs. This is an improvement over managing billing for licenses scattered across client sites. Once an agency is approved for the program, Jetpack representatives will migrate existing plans into the same account. An agency’s clients can then all be rolled into one monthly bill.

“The Jetpack licensing portal is the first solution we’ve launched to address licensing for agencies or professionals that manage multiple sites,” said Jesse Friedman, who manages Strategic Marketing and Partnerships for Jetpack. “We’ve spent a lot of time focused on making it easier for customers to setup and get started with Jetpack. This licensing platform streamlines that setup flow specifically for agencies. They will be able to issue a license, and have Jetpack backing up or scanning a site in moments, by eliminating the checkout flows and reducing multiple monthly bills into one single invoice.”

This is the first in a new line of products targeted at agencies and Jetpack is incentivizing signups with tiered discounts for more licenses. There was some confusion about the pricing but a Jetpack representative said the discounts apply to the regular product pricing. There is no cost for agencies to sign up but they are required to issue 5 licenses within 90 days.

“Our hope is to attract agencies who use Jetpack today so we can address the needs they have right now,” Friedman said. “We wanted to create some minimal requirements to use the platform in order to ensure a positive experience.  If an agency signs up and doesn’t end up issuing 5 licenses within 90 days they may not benefit from the platform or the tools we are hoping to build for them and we’d recommend they continue using the Jetpack products the same way they use them today.”