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Pull Quote: The silence is there. But it no longer scares me.

A couple years ago I was given possibly the biggest gift the WordPress community has ever given me. The organizers of WordCamp Pune called me to speak, and the community sent me. It was an amazing experience that changed my life.

While I was there I met Mahangu Weerasinghe, a wonderful man from Sri Lanka. He spoke about things that really really resonated with me. His talk was about linguistic accessibility to the Internet in Southeast Asia. Many people told me that English is enough to communicate to all of India, but Mahangu pointed out that MILLIONS of people in Southeast Asia cannot read or understand a single language on the web, let alone English.

WordPress can change that, and that’s where WordPress really matters.  It’s wonderful that people around the world can make a living with it, and it’s wonderful that it gives creative outlet to so many, but important that WordPress can give global voice to those who have none.

Mahangu felt for a long time that he had no voice. WordPress changed that for him, and now he’s using WordPress to change that for everyone.  He’s been hugely inspirational to me, and I hope he is for you as well.

Breaking the Silence

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