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HeroPress: Second Careers
Pull Quote: I'd rather solve the right problem with code that has room for improvement, than solve the wrong problem with perfect code.

I’m always fascinated by people who find second careers when they’re at the top of their game in the first one. To be really excellent at something and then switch to something else altogether is fascinating to see. Very often those people bubble to the top of whatever career they venture into.

This week’s HeroPress replay is titled “Moving On From Moving On Stage” by Karin Taliga. Karin is a dancer, and has had a rich and full career in that field. But the web called to her. Like the siren’s song, always keening “Come play here, it’s wonderful!”

When someone recommended I contact Karin 2 years ago she was winding up her dancing career and moving into a full time career as a web developer. The whole concept of a second career sounds exciting. I’ve always thought of “career” as something you do your whole life. But Karin has more adult life ahead of her than behind her, and I’m super excited to see where she goes with it.

Check out Karin’s original post from May of 2016.

Moving On From Moving On Stage

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