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Gutenberg 15.2 Introduces Revisions for Template Editing

Gutenberg 15.2 is now available with support for revisions when editing templates and template parts. The Site Editor can be an intimidating place if you’re new to making changes there. A few clicks can make a drastic impact and some users won’t know how to return to where they started. Surfacing the revisions panel gives users a safety net.

The revisions panel works the same as the content editor, so it doesn’t yet provide a visual presentation of a user’s additions, deletions, and changes. Users can restore previous versions of the template if they are able to read the block markup.

Gutenberg 15.2 also brings improvements to navigating the Site Editor. It’s now much easier to drill down to the exact template you want to edit in just a few clicks in the Site Editor sidebar, globally save edits across navigation, template, and template parts, and more easily return to the dashboard. These changes are best illustrated in the GIF published in the release post;

image source: Gutenberg 15.2 Release Post

Other highlights in this release include the following:

  • New: CSS aspect-ratio controls to the Post Featured Image block
  • New in the Button block: support for border color, style, and width
  • Accessibility improvements: improved labeling, optimizing the tab and arrow key navigation, and ensuring proper hierarchy of headings
  • New in Post Excerpt block: a UI for controlling excerpt length
  • Latest Comments block: Add typography support

Check out the full list of changes and bug fixes in the 15.2 release post. This version of Gutenberg will not be included in the upcoming WordPress 6.2 release. If you can’t wait until 6.3, you can get these features now by installing the Gutenberg plugin.