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Convesio Raises $5M to Expand Docker-Powered Hosting Platform

WordPress hosting company Convesio has raised $5 million from private investors. This funding round includes some of the company’s original investors who participated in Convesio’s 2019 Wefunder crowdfunding campaign, which brought in more than $1 million from 800+ investors.

“I started Convesio because legacy hosting providers have not evolved their technology, struggled to provide high uptime, and lacked the capability to scale WordPress on demand,” Fenelli said.

Convesio aims to make enterprise level hosting more accessible to customers with smaller budgets. Its Docker-powered platform allows sites to auto-scale up and down as necessary. It will automatically deploy multiple containers to handle higher loads and bills additional containers at an hourly rate.

“Traditional hosts put you on a plan to handle the highest level of resources your website needs, even if you only need them 5 hours a month,” Fanelli said. “It’s like leasing a Ferrari to use it for your daily commuting because you also take it to the track for a few laps once a month.” 

Convesio is aiming to take on the larger, more established hosting companies by ‘productizing’ scalability in order to keep costs down. The company boasts that customers can deploy a WordPress site with load balancers, a database cluster, and redundant file system in under a minute, without hiring a SysAdmin. Convesio’s target market is agencies, designers, and developers.

“Agencies are a one-to-many sale, easier to support, and early adopters of technology,” Fanelli said when launching their first funding campaign. “All these reasons make them a really good fit for what we do. They also have to manage a lot of WordPress sites, so issues like speed, performance, scaling etc are all compounded when you have 100 sites.”

With this second round of funding, Convesio plans to hire more staff, boost sales and marketing, and accelerate development.