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Big Bite Launches 2023 Enterprise WordPress Survey

Big Bite, a UK-based enterprise WordPress agency, has launched a new survey called State of Enterprise WordPress to gather data and insights on how the platform can best serve large-scale brands.

The survey takes approximately 5-7 minutes to complete and covers budgets,
publishing processes, platform strengths, user frustrations, custom functionality, infrastructure, architecture, and ongoing maintenance. It also attempts to gauge whether enterprise users have embraced the block editor and what other CMS’s the organization is using in addition to WordPress.

“This particular survey is focused on brands that are using WordPress, in any part of their estate,” Big Bite CEO Iain McPherson said. “Maybe it could be a small blog, powering an intranet or a large publishing site. I want to understand why and how they are using WordPress, but then drill down into other valuable metrics such as team size and budgets.”

The survey will be used to create a new report that summarizes the findings from enterprise organizations. McPherson said if the report is well received in the WordPress community, his team may continue publishing the State of Enterprise WordPress on an annual basis.

The survey most directly applies to the people who are responsible for the enterprise organization’s website, as opposed to the business owners.

“We find with companies of these sizes; multiple people are managing their WordPress products,” McPherson said. “Also, multiple respondents from the same company is totally OK, too.

“This is one of a couple of initiatives I am working on to raise the brand awareness of Big Bite, but more importantly, show that WordPress should be considered as an enterprise CMS.”

According to W3Techs, WordPress’ current CMS market share is at 63.3% of all the websites where a CMS can be detected. Enterprise organizations help keep this market growing, so insights about how they are using WordPress and their particular pain points could be helpful in developing solutions that benefit this segment. Data from the survey will be aggregated and anonymized and will not be attributed to the respondent or the organization.