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WPTavern: WordCamp Europe to Halt Regular Ticket Sales May 31, Fewer than 400 Tickets Remain

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WPTavern: WordCamp Europe to Halt Regular Ticket Sales May 31, Fewer than 400 Tickets Remain

WordCamp Europe organizers will be ending regular ticket sales on May 31. The event has sold out well in advance in previous years, but the logistics of managing a budget for an estimated 3,000 attendees prompted organizers to opt for ending ticket sales two weeks before the event:

As WordCamp Europe is a community event, we have to be extra careful with every penny that’s spent. We are invested in things that improve the event’s accessibility and inclusivity, and we’d like to have the precise number of people attending to avoid unnecessary costs (for example, ordering extra lunches – something that we need to do two weeks in advance).

As tickets have been on sale for nearly a year, the majority of those who are planning to attend have already purchased their tickets. A few already-purchased tickets may also become available at the last minute due to France denying visas to prospective attendees. One reason officials cited in several instances is that the ticket price is too low to justify international travel.

Rocío Valdivia, an organizer on WordCamp Europe’s Community Team, reports that approximately 10 attendees have been denied entry for the Community Summit due to visa issues.

“A lot of them were from India and one from Indonesia,” Valdivia said. “100% of them were from Asia.” Several who were denied have resubmitted their visa documents with updated invitation letters and are waiting to hear from officials.

Last-minute attendees who miss the May 31st regular ticket deadline can still purchase a micro-sponsorship for € 150.00, which includes a ticket to the event.

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