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WPTavern: WordCamp Europe 2017 Introduces Small Business Sponsorships

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WPTavern: WordCamp Europe 2017 Introduces Small Business Sponsorships

WordCamp Europe 2017 organizers are counting down 50 days until the largest planned WordPress event to date. Speaker announcements continue to roll out and the recommended hotels are getting booked up at the height of tourist season. As of yesterday, more than 300 of the 500 tickets for Contributor Day have been claimed.

This year organizers are experimenting with sponsor workshops, a perk targeted at the highest levels of sponsorship, which includes Administrator (€ 38,000) and Super Admin (€ 75,000) tiers. This new item in the sponsor’s package is described as a “sponsor “track” in the sponsorship kit brochure and allows sponsors to hold a talk or a workshop in a dedicated space that accommodates approximately 200 people.

In an effort to prevent the event from disproportionately focusing on mega sponsors, the organizing team has created a new sponsorship package exclusively for small businesses.

“We recognized that our sponsorship tiers were more geared towards larger WordPress businesses and felt we were not giving small businesses enough opportunity to showcase their products and services and allow them to connect to attendees,” WCEU Sponsorship co-organizer Remkus de Vries said. “This is why we created the SMB tier and we hope many see this as a wonderful chance to show off their products and services for what’s shaping up to be more than 3,000 attendees.”

The Small Business sponsorship level is priced at € 2,500 and is available to companies that generate the majority of their revenue from WordPress and made less than 1 million euro in revenue in 2016. It qualifies the sponsor for a booth in the middle of the event. The table, banner printing, and setup are all handled by the WCEU Sponsor Team.

“Similar to TechCrunch’s Startup Alley, we want to help highlight smaller companies or ones that have just started out,” WCEU Sponsorship co-organizer Noel Tock said. “Simply seeking out sponsorship funds the fastest way possible would not be fair to attendees. This helps makes the conversations and experiences a lot more diverse and balanced.”

There are 10 remaining Small Business sponsorship slots, along with 288 micro-sponsorships (€ 150.00). Potential sponsors can apply on the WCEU website.

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