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WordPress Tips & Tutorials (PLEASE SHARE!) Happy Holidays! It’s time to once again update and share …

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WordPress Tips & Tutorials (PLEASE SHARE!)
Happy Holidays! It's time to once again update and share our Huge List of WordPress Tips & Tutorials that we've been curating from various experts and websites over the past year. Be sure to bookmark it, and if you know of any resources that should be added, please let us know in the comments below!


6 Tips On Buying The Perfect Domain Name
Sometimes the hardest part of building your online business can be choosing your domain name. Once you’ve chosen your domain you are attached to it, so it is best to do your research and purchase a domain name you can be confident in. Here are 6 top tips on buying that perfect domain name.
via +Siobhan McMinn:

Everything You Need To Run Your WordPress Website
Search for your perfect domain name and then get started with's fast, secure & managed WordPress Hosting with an easy to use control panel.
Get Started: vs.
For those of you who are just getting started with WordPress, this seems to be a main cause of confusion for many who are just starting out.
via +B2C:

Moving A Site From Blogger To WordPress
If you're wondering how to move your website from Blogger to WordPress, the steps in this article should help you work through the process from beginning to end.
via +Small Business Trends:

5 Tips To Better Communicate w/ Your Web Developer
Communication is crucial when it comes to ensuring that you and your web developer are on the same page with your website project.
via +Chris Jenkins:

A Marketer's Guide To Choosing A WordPress Theme
Choosing the right WordPress theme is crucial to your website's success … and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. This guide will help you understand some of the things you need to think about and consider.
via +Search Engine People Inc.:

Getting Started w/ WordPress: A Video Tutorial Series
These short tutorials in the first part of this series will help explain and walk you through the basics of getting started, creating posts and pages, choosing and installing a theme, and managing menus.
via +John Dietrich


Beginner’s Guide To Troubleshooting WordPress Errors
A step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot common WordPress errors.
via +WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials:

14 Most Common WordPress Errors & How To Fix Them
While WordPress is really easy to use, there are some common WordPress errors that can make you panic. This article covers 14 of the most common WordPress errors and how to fix them.
via +WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials:

11 Tips and Techniques for Debugging WordPress
These 11 tips and techniques for debugging WordPress can make the getting started process easier. This is just the tip of the iceberg; but luckily, there are a lot of resources and developer communities just waiting for you to discover!
via +SitePoint:


How To Create & Customise A Child Theme
Step-by-step guide to setting up, activating, and customising a child theme.
via +Smashing Magazine:

How To Create Custom Page Templates
A detailed step-by-step guide to show you how to create custom page templates for WordPress.
via +Smashing Magazine:

How To Create A Material Design WordPress Theme
Part 1: Theme Setup (
Part 2: Customisation, Colors & Styles (
Part 3: Sidebars & Polish (
via +Chris Jenkins

The Black Admin Toolbar
How to Add Links to the Toolbar:
How to Remove the Toolbar:
How to Disable for all but Admins:
How to Fix a Missing Toolbar:


30 Things You Should Do After Installing WordPress
Installing WordPress is the first step, but you should tweak some of the default settings to further optimize the performance and also improve the security of your website.
Read More:

10 Tips To Secure WordPress
Keeping WordPress secure is important in order to ensure that your site isn't compromised, that uptime is maximized, your data is safe, and your site runs as quickly and reliably as possible.
via +SitePoint:

12 Overlooked Ways To Secure Your WordPress Site
This article provides a good refresher on the basics and then delves into some of the things you have probably overlooked.
via +WPMU DEV:

Keep Your WordPress Site Safe From Hackers
Some good advice that you should be following to keep your WP site safe and secure! Don't be an easy target!
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Securing Your WordPress Website
Securing your WP website against hackers and DDoS attacks.
via +SitePoint:

4,000+ WordPress Plugins Need Updates!
The ability to use PHP 4 style constructors is getting removed from PHP. Without an update, many plugins will eventually no longer work (this is PHP breaking this backward compatibility, not WordPress).
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5 Tips To Make Your Website Load Faster
We should all know by now that every extra second it takes for your website to load means higher bounce rates, less page views, etc. Implement these 5 tips to make your website load faster.
via +B2C:

12 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Site
Learn to effectively improve your WordPress site load speed, with twelve of the best approaches that will help improve your performance.
via +SitePoint:

How To Speed Up Your WP Website’s Load Time
19 specific ways to speed up your website's load time on any WordPress driven website. Some of these items will not be options if your web host doesn’t accommodate them, but most of them will be relevant regardless of your web host.
via +Andy Forsberg:

How To Use Google Drive To Backup Your WP Site
It's always a good idea to have your own backup copy of your website. This tutorial shows you how to automatically backup to Google Drive using the UpdraftPlus plugin.
via +Bloggersignal:

How To Implement Google AMP On Your WordPress Site
While AMP is not a ranking signal, it does indicate to searchers that your website will load fast. Here's how to get that little lightning symbol next to your listing in the search engine results page.
via +Search Engine Watch:

How To Add Google Analytics To AMP Pages In WP
If you have implemented the official AMP plugin for WordPress, you have probably discovered that the plugin strips out the Google Analytics code from all AMP pages. But even though the plugin strips it out, AMP pages will still validate with Google Analytics code, but you need to add it manually. This article will show you how.
via +The SEM Post:


Jumpstart Your SEO When Launching A New Website
Failing to do "pre-launch" SEO and other preparation can result in a "failure to launch" in the search rankings and a long climb to the top. This article offers 7 smart ways to "jumpstart" your SEO and how to implement each one.
via +Search Engine Land:

The 3 'Golden Rules' Of SEO
Did you know that your web hosting company has an impact on your SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts? This article takes a look at the 3 areas where your web host can affect your SEO so you can determine if your web hosting plan is up to par.
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Actionable SEO Tips For WordPress
As a WordPress user you will be ably assisted by various SEO related plugins, the most useful and popular of which is WordPress SEO by Yoast; however, there are still manual things you will need to do to improve your SEO.
via +Econsultancy:

21 Simple SEO Tips You Can Use Right Now
This list compiles a list of actionable, simple WordPress SEO tips you can implement for your blog or business site right now.
via +Tom Rich:

Make EVERY Page An Awesome Landing Page
This offers ideas to go forth and make EVERY page of your site an awesome landing page.
via +Search Engine Journal:

How To Make Money From Your Blog is proud to present this great piece on how to make money from your blog. It was written for us by guest blogger Ms. Kitty Lusby who we met recently at WordCamp Las Vegas. Kitty is an accomplished writer and blogger and shares her expertise frequently online. We hope that it gives you a few new ideas on how to drive additional traffic to your website and how to then earn money from those visitors.
Read More:

Ecommerce Trends: Winning vs. Almost Winning
This article incorporated a formula to decode the value of search trend data, which can form the cornerstone of any seasonal campaign: PIPR — or Plan, Influence, Peak, Repeat.
via +Search Engine Land:

How To Supercharge Your Website Traffic
With all the resources available to teach you about good SEO habits, guest blogger Ms. Kitty Lusby thought it would be helpful to take a look at all the ways you can boost your blog traffic and increase your web presence without relying too heavily on search engines. Use this guide to generate more traffic on your website with a well-rounded, intelligent marketing strategy.
Read More:

Preparing Your Site For The Holidays
Another great article by guest blogger Ms. Kitty Lusby to help you plan ahead so you can enjoy an annual boost in seasonal traffic, and reap the benefits.
Read More:

10 Tips For Reducing The Bounce Rate On Your WP Site
Using Google Analytics you can determine the 'bounce rate' of your site, which is the percentage of users that are actually clicking away from your site after viewing only one page. If you have a high bounce rate on your site, in most cases you will want to reduce it. Here are 10 tips to help.
via +SitePoint:

How To Conduct An SEO Backlink Analysis
A backlink analysis is the process of taking a look at the incoming links of a particular page or pages on your website and/or those of your competitors, evaluating the link quality, and taking steps to improve your rankings in Search. This article provides links to analysis tools and offers advice on what metrics to look for and how to disavow low-quality or spammy links.
via +Entrepreneur:

Mastering E-commerce Product Page Optimization
When products fit into more than one category, many content management systems create a unique URL for each product and category assigned. That means that one product can have more than one valid URL, based on the categories it fits into. This can turn into a major duplicate content problem.
via +Search Engine Journal:


Connecting WordPress & Medium
This tutorial takes you through all of the steps required to connect WordPress with Medium so you can syndicate content.
via +Pradeep Singh:

Embedding Facebook Live Videos Into WordPress
This tutorial will show you how to embed Facebook videos and Facebook live videos to your WordPress blog.
via +Pradeep Singh:


Publishing A Plugin To The WP Plugin Directory
Step-by-step instructions on how to add your plugin to WordPress’ central Subversion repository for both Mac and Windows users.
via +SitePoint:

Turn Any Theme Modification Into A Simple WP Plugin
While using a child theme for customising WordPress websites is a sound practice, there will also be times when you want to reuse code you’ve added to a child theme with a different theme or on a different website. The best way to package code for use with any theme and on any WordPress website is to add the code to a simple plugin. Plugins are easy to copy from one website to another and can be used with any theme. This article shows you how to get started.
via +WPMU DEV:


WordPress Hosting
With over 15 years in the hosting business, know precisely what it takes to provide rock-solid, lightning fast WordPress websites. Our managed WordPress hosting platform was built from the ground up to offer the very best WordPress hosting at the most competitive price in the UK.
Get Started:

Website Hosting
Hosting services from are designed to meet a wide variety of needs for developers, designers & small businesses.
Learn More:

Unlimited Reseller Hosting
With each account hosted on a self-contained Virtual Private Server,'s Reseller Hosting is the perfect flexible hosting solution for web designers, small to medium sized companies or the large scale personal users. All of our hosting accounts come with our renowned 365 days a year customer support, in addition to our 30-day money back guarantee.
Learn More:

WordPress Staging Features
When we released our WordPress Platform earlier this year, we included the ability to create a staging site for each website within your container. We recently launched an update to the staging control panel to provide more control of your staging sites.

New features include:
-Deleting a staging site
-Accessing MySQL admin area
-WordPress Login to staging lab

Learn more about these features:


Still want more tips?
Here is a big roundup of WordPress Tips & Tutorials via +Smashing Magazine to check out:


*We welcome contributions to this list! If you know a good resource or article that should be added, please share a link in the comments below.

*What is your strategy when it comes to blogging?
Here is some advice from our co-founder…
"Take the 80/20 approach to blogging, 80% of your content should be the posts that you know your visitors like. Use the other 20% to experiment with new ideas," says's Daniel Foster. "You’d be surprised by the number of businesses getting this wrong, and if they happen to be one of your competitors you could do well by perfecting this."

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