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John McAfee: An email hack can destroy our digital world and we won’t see it coming

The Importance of Protecting Your #Email from #Hackers

We seldom consider the wide-ranging implications of someone hacking into our email accounts. Assuming they don't change our passwords and lock us out – the worst-case scenario – we are still in a world of hurt. Every email that we send or have sent and received can be read by the hacker.

Every social media account or private website that we use can be accessed by the hacker and all of our private messages can be read. Bank and credit card statements, online purchases, credit reports and every other kind of financial information can be accessed. And of course, our contacts, which the hackers then uses to propagate additional phishing scams.

Read More: http://gplus.ly/1Pmyzdb

Be vigilant about keeping your password strong, safe, and secure. Be careful to not fall for phishing scams. Make sure your browsers and anti-virus, and security software are up-to-date. Don't use free Wi-Fi. Back everything up.

Be careful out there my friends!

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Email holds the key to personal data. And with most accounts accessible on the Dark Web, are we safe?

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