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It’s #WorldPasswordDay! 1 OUT OF 5 #EMAIL ACCOUNTS GET HACKED Here are 6 security…

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It's #WorldPasswordDay!

Here are 6 security tips to keeping your emails safe:

1. Choose a strong #password. Preferably with a combination of numbers, punctuations, letter and variations in upper case / lower case.

2. Use different passwords for different log-ins of websites, email accounts and others. Change passwords, once in 6 months, so to stay ahead of hackers.

3. Keep your password to yourself. No sharing!

4. Avoid public computers. They make it easy for hackers to track your information.

5. Scan you computer regularly – for malware, viruses and other unauthorized software.

6. Backup email. One of the things to prevent detection is where hackers delete all your emails to leave no trace of their attack. Email backup in the cloud or on hard disk to keep it safe. This is especially so for business emails. Learn how to get started in just two easy steps:

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