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HeroPress: My Life, Designed by WordPress!

HeroPress: My Life, Designed by WordPress!
Pull Quote: I dreamt of a community to help me; people who will encourage me.

It has been a short time since I joined WordPress community and learnt a lot of things at the age of 12. It took me a day writing this essay as I wish I could write my whole mind in it.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe”

So, here’s the start I had:

From my childhood, I’ve been wondering about Software Technologies. I always wondered about the constructions of website, and a program. It was the time when my mother Yogita, just introduced me Google, the God of websites! All the curiosity I had was strengthened when using Google.

Do you know what shaped my career? A search string on Google which said ‘How to make a website’! Not much useful, but the slow start I had was everything I need. That was 2012. (Me, 8 yrs old) When I tried an online web designing tool named SimDif. Just then, I got to know Weebly. I made my first permanent website, mathsbuzzz.weebly.com and the curiosity went deeper.

Now I thought of making a website myself, with no tool, with real programming! That was 2013. At that time, Microsoft Frontpage was nearly coming to an end of popularity. I embraced it. Though it couldn’t be called programming, but I liked it as I went one step further.

I also learnt a bit of HTML from a book I had at home. It’s not even half of the story I’m telling. The time I was introduced to WordPress is much further. That’s 2016.

What in 2015?

I had a course of advanced HTML/CSS in 2015 where I got to know completely about Framing, Coding and Publishing a website. Then, I practiced it a lot and then thought about putting a step forward to PHP.

It’s 2016

Summer vacations were to get over and I had a course of PHP. There’s where I came to know about the REAL PROGRAMMING. I started making my first coded website and it was completely published in September 2015. It was my mother’s online store. And then, from November 2016, I made another website and completed the project in February 2016. That was my first blog, IQubex.com made with simple HTML/CSS and no PHP.

I was actually equipped with HTML/CSS knowledge and was practicing PHP. But, I never got what I dreamt of. I dreamt of: “My exposure in Web Developing World. A community, which will help me in my needs. People, who will encourage me.”

Dream became true.

When WordPress Came In My Life

Its still 2016, when striked an article in Newspaper about WordCamp Nashik 2016. My mother read it and thought that it would prove like a miracle for me. It was the start of October 2016. Nashik is my city and so it was always easy for me to attend WordCamp Nashik.

It was for developers, bloggers and all the people who maintained their interest in Web Technologies. I knew that I too fit in that category.

Now came, 16th October 2016

We all know how cool experiences we get in a WordCamp. But this was the best for me as it was the first WordCamp of my life. From then, I migrated my blog to WordPress and got everything better. I saw how people program for WordPress and how big is the WordPress world.

So, what did I miss? Nothing. I got a helping community. I got nice friends. I got people who are much more experienced and their knowledge which will help me throughout the life. What more? The best thing I received is Motivation.

I used to write less on my blog as it was not equipped with PHP and was basic HTML/CSS. Due to that, I uploaded articles every now and then. But after the arrival of WordPress in my life, I wrote frequent articles, more beautifully, with more customization and with more interest. Then progressed my blog!

What next?

It was WordCamp Pune 2017 where I became the youngest speaker of WordCamp. I had an interview with Rahul Bansal Sir. He met me at WordCamp Nashik. So, I was able to talk in front of people. This is how my confidence got a boost positively.

Now I run more than 3 websites and constructing more. I also developed a plugin on WordPress. Learning about making theme. I’m also aiming to be a good developer in future. After all, there is a lot of time left. I’m 13 yrs old.

So, simply saying, before WordPress I was unaware of what I have to do in future, and now I can see the complete scene of my future career. Thanks to WordPress and its Community.

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