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Blogging, Solopreneurship, & Terrorism – HeroPress

By 11/01/2017October 24th, 2017No Comments

HeroPress: Blogging, Solopreneurship, & Terrorism – This story involves me as a blogger, the Prime Minister, me again as a web developer, an Islamic cult attempting a coup d’état, and me again as a solopreneur. Oh, and WordPress. And ISIS. WordPress: My First Encounter In the beginning of 2006, everyone in Turkey was talking about blogs. It was the hot new thing on the web. Forums were “out” and blogs were “in”. Anyways, I was getting ready for the ÖSS and studying to get into a university …

Barış Ünver writes about solopreneurship with WordPress in a stressed country, beginning with blogging and ending with a viable product.

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