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A Guide to Geotargeting and Geographic-Specific Content for WordPress

Are you tired of all of the non-targeted traffic coming to your website? It's time to use geotargeting to hone in on your audience.

Is all traffic to your website “good” traffic? When you’re starting out it may seem that way (superficially anyway). However, it’s best to look at your WordPress site’s traffic as you would publicity: any publicity doesn’t necessarily make for good publicity. There are a variety of reasons why you may want to control where your website’s traffic comes from: If you’re running a local business and you don’t want to waste your server’s bandwidth on …

What would you do if your WordPress website was broken. An Update Issue, a Broken plugin, a 501 Error or Worse, you've been Hacked. How long will it take your business to recover? A few hours, A few days, A week? Don't Let it be Your Business. Our WordPress Support Service provides You with Peace of Mind.
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