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WordPress Maintenance Services that Provide You Peace of Mind


Imagine never having another WordPress issue again



Let our specialists handle your website and you’ll be able to concentrate on running your business.

WordPress Maintenance comes in three different types.

On a WordPress website, several types of maintenance can be performed on a one-time or regular basis, depending upon the needs of the website.

Preventive Maintenance

The goal of preventative maintenance is to avoid problems that could appear on the site before they occur.
An example would be following an update that will consist of regular updates of the different systems that make the site work, the WordPress core, the themes, the plugins and the translations the site continues to operate as designed.

Corrective Maintenance

This type of maintenance is designed to specifically and quickly “repair” or restore the site following a specific problem encountered. For example, a failure following the infection of the site by a virus, a hacking of the site, or functionality of the site which stopped working after an update to a Plugin or the Core WordPress System.

Evolutionary Maintenance

Evolutionary maintenance makes sure the site evolves according to the changes which arise throughout its lifespan.
This can be the addition of a new feature such as a newsletter, the integration of a member area or specific updates to improve site response.

  • analyse graph on screen
    Analyse your website for speed, device compatibility and security vulnerabilities.
  • WordPress Maintenance Services Minion writting report
    Prepare a detailed report outlining your current situation and advice on solutions.
  • wordpress org logo small
    Upgrade your WordPress site, all Plugins and clean your database.
  • Support Services settings
    Secure your WordPress login, configuration files and databases.
  • open vault with door
    Install brute force protection and 24/7 monitoring software.
  • hdd icons
    Install WP Defender Pro** and WP Smush Pro** to Improve load speeds.
  • Support Service shield
    You can now run your Business knowing your WordPress website is protected.

WordPress Maintenance Services that takes care of your website as if it was our own.

  • heart beat panel
    Monitor your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Christmas.
  • WP support services robot
    Real time monitoring of Brute Force Attacks or Hack attempts.
  • WordPress hosting data
    Regularly scheduled backups that fit your needs. Both On-site and Off-site.
  • support services report
    Fully detailed Monthly report, including Attacks, Site Speed and Score.

Choose the WordPress Services Plan that’s right for you.

That’s it, A Simple Service.

If you don’t require monthly WordPress Support Plans, why not Order a single site update, basic security, speed scan and full report for only £49.00

* Included Free with certain WordPress Services Plans. ** Free WP Smush Pro requires a 3-month minimum Term. See Terms and Conditions for details.