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Managed WordPress vs Linux Cloud Server

When Webhosting 4 Business was created we set up our Linux system to be specifically suited to hosting WordPress CMS websites, because we Love WordPress. We knew we had created a solid base for our customers to utilise the CMS to it’s optimum performance level while maintaining all of the benefits of a standard Linux set up. The proof of succeeding in our goal was in the load speed of our clients websites, which is now 20% of your Google score.

We always assumed that a Managed WordPress hosting solution was going to be quicker than ours at loading a WordPress site but that the small loss of speed outweighed the advantage of our clients having full Cpanel control and no Limitations on what software they could and couldn’t run. (subject to our Google Clause*)

We recently ran a test comparing a site hosted on a top 10 Managed WordPress Host vs a site hosted on our Linux Cloud Server that has been designed and set up specifically for WordPress while maintaining all the functionality and freedom of a Cpanel server space.

To be honest we were expecting to get our face wiped in the dirt, then something unexpected happened.

We Won. Not only did we win on speed but we actually wiped there face in regards to compliance and Performance Grade.

For the test we randomly chose a client from there displayed list and the client from our client list with the largest Home page. We then ran a speed test on pingdomwithin 10 seconds of each other at 11:30 PM so as to ensure a light internet load. Both sites were tested from Stockholm, Sweden.

The Managed WordPress Host:


Our Linux custom solution:


They say a Picture is worth a 1000 words.

Webhosting 4 Business and 4 WP Support Services are Proud to be able to say that our custom Linux cloud hosting solution really is the best place for WordPress Based Website.




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