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Webmail Showdown: Gmail vs.

Who's the winner in a Gmail vs. Outlook showdown?

There are a ton of #email services, but a few have risen to the top. After Outlook[dot]com absorbed Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook[dot]com became the two biggest email services on the internet, together totalling over a billion users. Their approaches to managing your email are similar, but there are some pretty distinct differences in features. This "web email showdown" puts the two head-to-head to find out once and for all who is the winner:

BTW, whether you use Gmail or Outlook[dot]com, you need to back them up! Get started now:

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It’s hard to think about email without putting a G in front of it. Despite Gmail’s renown as one of the best email services on the internet, Microsoft’s has spent the last few years building itself into a competent competitor. In today’s showdown, we put these two behemoths of email to the test.

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