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HeroPress: Giving Back In Your Own Community

HeroPress: Giving Back In Your Own Community
Pull quote: It is a good time to be part of the global WordPress community: the costs are low, the developer community is strong, and job availability is at an all time high.

I was delighted to find several years ago that there’s a thriving WordPress community in Nepal. Via Slack I got to meet Sakin Shrestha, and learned all about what their group is doing in Nepal to create jobs and keep the Nepali from having to leave the country to find work.

I recently found out that Sakin is finding a new way to give back to his community: opening a kindergarten. In order for any country to grow strong it has to have good education for its children, and Sakin is working to make that happen.

Read about how the Nepali WordPress community is working to build their own country.

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