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WordPress Support

WordPress Support Saves Time, Money and Stress.

How much is your time worth to you?
How much is your time worth to your business?

They say you can’t put a price on peace of mind, at WP Support we think we can.

Our WordPress support plans offer you the comfort and security that comes from knowing your site is in safe hands, saving you time and hopefully reducing your stress level just a little.

Our advice and our recommendations are guided by the principles of Analyse, Prepare, Upgrade, Secure and Protect

Our goal is to help small and medium size businesses keep there on-line presence up to date and secure without getting stressed out over the technical stuff.

WordPress Website Maintenance
WordPress Support Services, We Love Wordpress
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Personal Touch:

All 4 WP Support staff are patient, we understand you may not have a technical background, so we try to speak plain english, not tech speak. We treat our customers as our friends and we work hard to build a strong relationship with each and every one.


Depending on the WordPress Support Plan you chose we are just a support ticket away, or just an email away, or just pick up the phone, during our office hours a real live person will always answer. From a straight forward WordPress problem to disasters large and small, or just some advice or suggestions we are always here to assist or just to chat about your dog/cat. (We have a Black Lab that can sleep through anything except the fridge opening.)

A Human Approach:

Regardless of the level of your WordPress support plan we always check on each clients site individually. A human will visit your website personally and review any updates and check for any security issues. After all updates we check that nothing has broken your website. In the event that an update does break something and we are unable to fix it within 30 mins, we will roll the site back and then advise you of what needs to be done next.

There is more to obtaining success on-line than creating and launching a website. It’s about the entire life of your business website.

Maintaining your website investment over the entire life-cycle is time consuming and that is when our WordPress support service comes to the front.

Our team of WordPress support specialists help you maintain and support your website beyond the initial launch. We support you along your journeys route, making sure the way ahead is clear .

Our WordPress support plans are designed to treat your website like it was our own.

Which Plan is for You?

Our Support starts from £18 a month.

If you charge £25 an hour for your time and it takes you 2 hours……

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WordPress Sitemaps

WordPress Sitemaps

how you should get started

WP Support Services WordPress Sitemaps

First your WordPress sitemaps need a start and you will need to create an XML sitemap for your site.

We also want an HTML sitemap but we will cover that later.

I recommend using the Yoast SEO Plugin as WordPress sitemaps cannot be built by wordpress as it has no sitemap generation capability.
(If you are already using Yoast for SEO, make sure you have updated to the most recent version.)

However I also recommend adding XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress to give you 2 separate and unique sitemaps

Now if you have a particularly large website, you may also need to employ a sitemap index.

Search engines will only index the first 50,000 URLs in a sitemap, so if your site has more than 50,000 URLs, youwill need to use an index to tie multiple sitemaps together.

You can learn how to create these indices and more about sitemaps at sitemaps.org.

After you have created your wordpress sitemaps you will need to upload or register them with your various search engines. Both Google and Bing want webmasters and site owners to register there wordpress sitemaps and RSS feeds through Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Taking this step helps the search engines identify where your sitemap is so that as soon as your siteis updated, the search engine can react faster to index the new content.

Also if your using RSS feeds content curators or syndicators can automatically pull your content into their sites.

By registering your sitemap with Google and Bing and even Yahoo tells the search engine that your content has been created or updated before they find it on the other sites.

It’s really a very simple thing but many site owners forget and it really is very important.

To submit a sitemap to Google:

Ensure that the XML Sitemap is on your web server and accessible via its URL.
Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools.
Under Crawl, choose Sitemaps.
Click on the red button in the upper right marked Add/Test Sitemap.

Enter the URL of the sitemap and click Submit Sitemap.

Your Done, Google has your sitemap.

To submit a sitemap with Bing:

Ensure that the XML Sitemap is on your web server and accessible via its URL.
Log in to Bing Webmaster Tools.
Click on Configure My Site and Sitemaps.
Enter the full URL of the sitemap in the Submit a Sitemap text box.
Click Submit.

Your done Bing has your sitemap.
Another reason it is very important to register sitemaps with Google specifically is to catch Sitemap errors.

Google Webmaster Tools provides great information about the status of each Sitemap and any errors it finds.

Now about that HTML sitemap, first installWP SEO HTML Sitemap Pluginthen create a new page called Site Map, you can leave it blank.

Now go to Settings,SEO HTML Sitemap, set the sitemap page to page you created called Site Map and set Location to replace Content and Save.

You now have an HTML Site Map page.

Another helpful tip from WP Support Services.




About Us

We Love WordPress, that's the truth.

About us - WP Support Services Love WordPressWhere do we start with an about us story?

We have worked with WordPress since Version Duke and built our 1st website using exclusively WordPress with Version Ella. We have never looked back and always uses WordPress as our CMS of choice.

In 2011, after an accident, our co-founder was told he was 60% disabled for life and would never return to work, he decided that wasn’t him and if he couldn’t find a job that works around his disability then he would create one and in February 2012 Webhosting 4 Business was born.

We set out with the idea of creating a server environment specifically designed to give WordPress sites a huge speed advantage and work with the CMS system not against it. We did not design a WordPress Hosted solution, we designed a cPanel server solution that kept all the benefits of your own VPS while allowing you to build virtually any WordPress site you could imagine while still maintaining full control over your ideas and decisions. Not us telling you what you can and cannot do on your server. (subject to our Google Rules of course*)

Then in January of 2016 we designed and created WP Support Services to accommodate the growth in our own Business but also in the world of WordPress as both a CMS system and it’s incredible achievement of now running a 1/4 of all Websites in the world.

We our Proud to Launch our new WordPress Support Service on the 15th of March 2016.

WP Support Services.

We run your Website, so You can enjoy running your Business.



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